Agile Summit 2018 Speakers


Linda Rising

Computer Software Consultant and Professional

Linda Rising is an independent consultant who lives near Nashville, Tennessee. Linda has a Ph.D. from Arizona State University in object-based design metrics. Her background includes university teaching as well as work in industry in telecommunications, avionics, and tactical weapons systems. She is an internationally known presenter on topics related to agile development, patterns, retrospectives, the change process, and the connection between the latest neuroscience and software development.


Prof Dave Snowden

Management Consultant and Researcher

Dave Snowden divides his time between two roles: founder Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge and the founder and Director of the Centre for Applied Complexity at the University of Wales. His work is international in nature and covers government and industry looking at complex issues relating to strategy, organisational decision making and decision making. He has pioneered a science based approach to organisations drawing on anthropology, neuroscience and complex adaptive systems theory.


Portia Tung

Executive Agile Coach & Executive and Personal Coach

I’m an Executive and Business Agile coach, personal coach, storyteller and wishmaker. I combine play with business strategies and personal goals to bring about positive change. My pursuit to help people realise more of their potential has led to the pleasant yet all together unexpected discovery that play is essential for the lifelong development of adults and not only children. My practice-based research on play has led me to live a more playful life, so much so that I have managed to dream The School of Play into existence.


Michael Feathers

Director, R7K Research & Conveyance

Over the years, I’ve spent a significant amount of time helping teams gain control over large code bases in C, C++, C#, Java, and Ruby. I was involved in the early Agile movement and one of my passions is helping organizations recognize the impact of their internal organization and communication on the long term viability of their software products – putting interactions in place to prevent the accumulation of technical debt and lost business opportunities.


Jon Kern

Agile Product Development – Co-author Agile Manifesto

Jon Kern is a developer, software architect, and team leader/coach that keeps the people and the business in sharp focus. Aerospace engineer-turned software expert, co-author of the “Agile Manifesto for Software Development,” and of “Java Design.”


Tony Grout

Enterprise Agile and DevOps Transformation Director @ Atlassian

I make a measurable impact by getting organisations shipping innovative products that make a significant positive impact on society,


Hendrik Esser

Manager Special Projects Ericsson

Experienced leader. Passionate about finding, exploring and deploying ways to create better results and greater organizations.


Dimitar Karaivanov

CEO and Co-founder @ Kanbanize

A Lean-thinker and a Kanban practitioner with a solid background in the areas of software development and process improvement. His expertise was gained through more than 15 years of career development at companies like Johnson Controls, SAP and Software AG.


Marcus Hammarberg

Consultant, Lean / Agile Coach @ Spotify

Marcus is a keynote speaker and co-author of Kanban In Action, which has been translated into 5 languages across the globe. He has blogged since 2006 at and spend his spare time playing euphonium in the Salvation Army


Gwen Diagram

Principal Test Engineer @ Sky

I am a highly motivated Software Tester, DevOps Engineer, Scrum Master and International Speaker. In my spare time I attend, speak at and organise Testing, Agile, Coding and DevOps events.


Richard Mironov

Product Management Guru; CEO/Mironov Consulting

Rich coaches product executives, product management teams and agile/lean development organizations. He also parachutes into software companies as interim VP Product/CPO.


Anna Miedzianowska

Head of Product @ Ocado Technology

I’m a highly motivated and dedicated individual with 14 years of commercial experience in developing, integrating and managing software platforms. Working in B2B and B2C environments of any size, I am strong advocate of user-centric approaches and customer dialogue.


Xavier Albaladejo

Agile-Lean (Executive) Coach and Organizational Transformation @ MANGO

Xavier Albaladejo is specialized in organizational transformation based on Agile-Lean principles. His work as executive coach focuses on strategy processes, organizational structure and cultural change.


Mirette Kangas

Founder of Yle Lean-Agile Accelerator 

Founder of Yle Lean-Agile Culture Accelerator, Lean Culture in Creative work at YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company)


Mark Schwartz

Enterprise Strategist @ Amazon Web Services

I’m an experienced, award-winning CIO, a change agent who has led organizations in creating innovative solutions to some of the toughest business challenges around. I am known for formulating and articulating powerful visions and using them to drive change in complex, matrixed, and sometimes rigid and bureaucratic environments.


Alison Coward

Founder @ Bracket

I founded Bracket to help teams work better together. People with roles that involve developing and delivering creative ideas need to collaborate with others on a daily basis to get things done. But this can be tricky – balancing individual skills with group effort, managing different personalities, turning ideas into action, communication, dealing with conflict and running productive meetings.

Landvetter, Göteborg

Gary Crawford

Group Director of Technology and Transformation, AKQA 

Gary has been transforming organisations, and the digital products, services and business models behind them, for over 15 years. He is passionate about creating high-impact digital businesses by increasing customer responsiveness and speed to market. Fascinated with emerging technology, its impact on society and potential for positive social change, he lives in Sweden with his wife and daughters Erin and Erika.


Elisabeth Hocke

Senior Agile Tester @ FlixBus

Having graduated in sinology, I fell into agile and testing in 2009 and have been infected with the agile bug ever since. I’m especially passionate about the whole-team approach to testing and quality as well as the agile culture mindset behind it.


Eric Bowman

VP Digital Foundation @ Zalando SE

Eric Bowman is VP Digital Foundation at Zalando, where he has worked to help transform Zalando’s engineering teams to organize themselves and architect their systems to achieve Radical Agility. Zalando is the biggest fashion e-commerce site in Europe, and is building a cloud-based platform to disrupt how the world connects to fashion. A 20-year industry veteran, Eric has been a technical leader at several startups as well as at Gilt Groupe, TomTom, Three, Electronic Arts, and Maxis, where a lifetime ago he was one of the three amigos who built The Sims 1.0.


James Stewart

Technologist, partner @ Public Digital, tech and security consultant

James Stewart is as an independent consultant supporting senior leaders in a range of sectors to embed modern technology and security in their strategies, and helping organisations with digitally-enabled transformation. He’s a regular speaker, appearing at events around the world covering topics from technical architecture and modern development techniques to digital transformation.

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