Anna Miedzianowska


I’m a highly motivated and dedicated individual with 14 years of commercial experience in developing, integrating and managing software platforms. Working in B2B and B2C environments of any size, I am strong advocate of user-centric approaches and customer dialogue.

I relocated from Poland to Ireland and then to the UK gaining valuable experience in web-based and mobile systems, facing customers with needs varying from managing field service teams to e-commerce and payments.

A key part of my role at Advanced Field Solutions in Dublin, Ireland included building good working relationships with customers to ensure their requirements were properly defined and delivered.

As a Technical Product Owner at MoPowered in London I was also responsible for translating customer needs into detailed requirements and managing the m-commerce product life cycle.

As a Product professional at Ocado Technology UK I am actively encouraging user engagement within my teams and across the business by facilitating multiple workshops with business users, taking active part in internal communities and external conferences. I believe that providing a strong product vision, encouraging collaboration and motivating the team are the key to success of the product.


Customer experience OR tech innovation?

35' Talk

I am explaining how/why we care about customers at Ocado (‘customer is king’ approach is no longer enough!) and what technology we invented (there are some cool videos of our warehouses and robotics) to make it possible. This is a thought-provoking debate – what’s more important – CX or tech? The hidden message here is to focus on jobs to be done and re-inventing the wheel if needed. The tech part might be interesting for developers in the audience.

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