Eric Bowman


Authentic, philosophical, visionary, passionate leader driven by creative urge, open to changes, with a long-term vision; very well versed engineer with extensive management and leadership know-how.

I am VP Digital Foundation at Zalando, where I head the team that leverages our centralized tech investments: everything digital that provides Zalando Group leverage, unfair advantages, or needs to scale beyond a single business. My domain includes the build & compute infrastructure; data & data science enablement infrastructure; governance topics including security, compliance, risk, controlling, PMO & architecture; our shared tech community & culture; and the digital workplace.

Previously, I was Zalando’s first VP Engineering, helping to role out Radical Agility, which was a step change in how we organized and motivated teams, and architected systems for the cloud to scale with users and the growth of the business.

Before that, I was VP Architecture at Gilt Groupe. Gilt has insane non-functional requirements, with millions of members hitting the website within a few minutes every day.

Before that, I was a strategic architect for TomTom, focused primarily on service delivery, systems, and APIs.

Before that, I was CTO at LooCee, where we built an advertising and messaging platform play, managed a remote team, negotiated with vendors, and did the typical failed startup thing.

Before that, I was principal architect for 3’s Service Delivery Platform, the world’s first 3G SDP.

Before that, I led the client development for the innovative DoDots offering. Its spirit, if not embodiment, lives on in the likes of Google Desktop Gadgets and the Mac OSX Dashboard, which are direct descendants of the concept.

In my first real job, I led the technical development (graphics, UI, system) for The Sims 1.0 franchise, the best selling PC game of all time.


Organized Autonomy: Cracking the Paradox

35' Talk

Leading and aligning autonomous teams is practically a paradox. Autonomous teams can somehow feel like a panacea or merely quixotic. But cracking the autonomy code is one of the key ingredients for culture, engagement, unlocking innovation and enabling parallel execution at any scale.

In this talk, we’ll explore how to scale a tech org while magnifying the best parts of its startup-self, and reveal some techniques that you can start implementing for successfully leading autonomous teams, large or small.

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