Fay Tsampardouka & Harris Christopoulos


Faye is a MsC former BackEnd Engineer, whose heart was stolen by Agile. Since then she is a Scrum Master at Beat, loves Retrospective activities and Agile Workshops.

Harris is an Agile aficionado with a strong passion for business agility, coaching teams and creating an environment where people can motivate themselves in order to produce the highest business value.

Balancing Business and Technological Growth: the Chapter Sprint

During the last 2 years, Beat grew rapidly from a 5-people startup to a large company with over 250 people. We faced several challenges during that growth, one of the most fundamental being how we could grow and become a large entity, while at the same time keep our agility and operate within the true Agile spirit and principles.

As we formed small, autonomous, cross-functional teams, we stumbled upon the challenge of keeping technological integrity: how to best move our technology forward, how to best incorporate the cutting-edge engineering practices, and how to best help  our engineers grow at their respective crafts.

After experimenting with a lot of different formats and ideas, we came up with the concept of the Chapter Sprint. The technique needs considerable effort to be implemented, both from our Agile Coaches and from our developers, but pays us back with considerable benefits. The People Operations team was also very interested in the concept as it gave them a chance to work on their own growth and onboarding techniques.

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