Hendrik Esser


Growing up in the 1980s I was a passionate computer game developer and computer club co-chair during my school and study times. I studied Electrical engineering at the Universität des Saarlandes, Germany, focusing on communication protocol software in my diploma thesis.

I am continuously exploring new ways to create better results and greater organizations.

That journey started when I joined Ericsson Germany in 1994 as a SW developer. Soon my passion brougt me to a leadership career from being a Technical Coordinator in 1996 through project management, project office management, portfolio- and technology management towards being the “COO” of one of Ericsson’s large development units. In 2008 I was a key driver to the agile transition of our organization. Through this engagement I became part of not only the Ericsson enterprise transformation, but also a strong contributor to the international agile community, exchanging and expanding knowledge and spreading agile mindset across industries. Part of my time I also work as a trainer for Product Development Leadership within Ericsson.

In parallel to my work at Ericsson, I am – as a volunteer – the Program Director of the Agile Alliance’s initiative “Supporting Agile Adoption”. I am an internationally active speaker at numerous conferences and company events on agile product development, HR and project management since 2012.


Agile transformation experiences at Ericsson

35' Talk

This talk covers two aspects: a general concept of how to drive a transformation using complex systems thinking and a practical story-telling about our transformation: how we got going, what worked, what didn’t and how we kept staying on track.

Target audience: agile/transformation coaches, leaders, managers, executives

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