Jon Kern – Co-author Agile Manifesto


Jon is passionate about helping teams succeed in delivering business value through software. He helps teams articulate, design, architect, and deliver software that solve challenging business problems. From training and mentoring teams, to helping provide visionary solutions, and all points in between, Jon routinely has significant impact on the projects he works on. Either working with the client’s team, or pulling together a team of experts from around the world—Jon creates a quick-hit ability to solve
problems and deliver results.


A Day in the Life of a Jon Kern Agile Project

35' Talk

A glimpse into how Agile Manifesto co-author Jon Kern works from a holistic systems engineering approach using a Kanban-like process with his small team.

Walk through how my team progresses from the receipt of a requirement, to customer discussions, mockups, design, and stacking up issues.

Learn the keys that make this simplistic process work, and why agile in the small often fails without this holistic approach..

Oh, you will undoubtedly hear my take on sprint planning and estimation and other real world stories.

Leave with an impression of the holistic nature of an agile process in the small, and challenge yourself to scale it up if needed.

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