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Over the years, I’ve spent a significant amount of time helping teams gain control over large code bases in C, C++, C#, Java, and Ruby. I was involved in the early Agile movement and one of my passions is helping organizations recognize the impact of their internal organization and communication on the long term viability of their software products – putting interactions in place to prevent the accumulation of technical debt and lost business opportunities.

Currently, I’m helping teams and pursuing research in business / development communication, preventing errors through design practice and array-functional programming languages. My goal is to make software development more effective and integrated with business concerns.

I’m also the author of the book ‘Working Effectively with Legacy Code’

Specialties: Software Development Practices, TDD, Refactoring, Legacy Code Revitalization, Team Dynamics,

Linda Rising is an independent consultant who lives near Nashville, Tennessee. Linda has a Ph.D. from Arizona State University in object-based design metrics. Her background includes university teaching as well as work in industry in telecommunications, avionics, and tactical weapons systems. She is an internationally known presenter on topics related to agile development, patterns, retrospectives, the change process, and the connection between the latest neuroscience and software development. Linda is the author of numerous articles and several books. The latest, More Fearless Change, co-authored with Mary Lynn Manns. Her web site is:


Meeting resistance and moving forward

Keynote - 45' Talk

It’s “those skeptical people” who are most annoying. They don’t
seem to listen to our ideas. They usually start raising objections before we
have even finished describing what we are thinking. They have a
counterargument for every argument. What’s to be done with “those
people”? In this presentation, Linda will pull patterns from the
Fearless Change collection plus the latest research in neuroscience to
help you in the challenges you face with resistance.

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