Marios Syntichakis & Toli Effie


Marios is a seasoned leader and a specialist in motivating software development people to achieve challenging goals and objectives. His professional background fuels him in mastering the complex dynamics of large software delivery teams. He is passionate about software tech coaching, high-quality business solutions and software development frameworks and methodologies.

Effie is passionate about all things agile and lean, with a flair for coaching. As an Agile Coach helps and supports Technology teams, with a focus on guiding them towards continually improving the way they work.

Value-based Program Increment Planning

Practicing Agile is becoming commonplace in Greece. When it comes to big teams and complex IT landscapes however, most adopters are facing challenges, particularly with regard to structure, flow and alignment.

 Interamerican has established a model for scaled Agile delivery which is inspired from established frameworks like Scrum, Nexus and SAFe, as well as successful organizational setups like Spotify’s. It currently includes 4 Tribes, 26 Teams (including 2 Nexus Teams) and 3 Chapters.

 Alignment in this model is addressed by Increment Planning. A complex and critical activity that culminates in a one-day event that engages almost two hundred persons. This session is going to highlight the specifics of Increment Planning.

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