Tony Grout


I make a measurable impact by getting organisations shipping innovative products that make a significant positive impact on society,

I’ve the unique experience of working at the intersection of enterprise discipline and startup passion. My skill is being able to use an organisation’s current strengths whilst helping them move to their sweet-spot along the enterprise/start-up spectrum. From small local teams to large scale globally distributed teams using agile software development including outsource.

How did I get the skill and the will? I spent the last 25 years working as an executive in start-ups and enterprise organisations. As you’d expect I’ve had many roles from general manager to product owner defining and implementing market strategy, product and technical strategy to project managing, architecting, building and deploying software.

Specialties (unordered): Innovation Engineering, Agile at scale / Enterprise Agile, Product Management, Product Line Engineering, Product Flow, Digital Transformation, DevOps, Cultural Change, Mobile, Scrum, XP Practices, Lean, Enterprise Architecture, Solutions Architecture, Programme and Project Management, Service Oriented Architecture, Deep Simplicity and Adaptive Architectures

Core Industries (unordered): Telecoms, Finance and Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Defense, Retail, Logistics, Government


Five phrases that shout your agile isn’t scaling

35' Talk

1. My team’s doing great. Where’s everyone else?
2. Your Epic is my Feature
3. Anyone know why we’re waiting so long for this API?
4. Should we use green or blue? Lets ask the Chief Product Officer
5. We need to get it right first time

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