Xavier Albaladejo


Xavier Albaladejo is specialized in organizational transformation based on Agile-Lean principles. His work as executive coach focuses on strategy processes, organizational structure and cultural change.
Xavier currently works in Mango and previously collaborated with AXA EMEA-LATAM, Vodafone R&D, Zurich and eDreams. He coordinates the Master in Agile Methods of La Salle Barcelona, has been president of Agile Spain, launched ProyectosAgiles.org and TransformacionAgil.org


Organizational refactoring - A key moment in the Agile transformation

35' Talk

“The “compulsory” organisational re-factoring needed in order to be more Agile has a lot of wins but, as any organisational design, it also has flaws and typical issues you should expect (e.g. silo effect in teams, not ready technology base, how to deal with middle management). So, this talk will give some options for dealing with these situations before they get tough. Another topic that we covered is the non-sense of the “corporate transformation” concept and what to do if you are in this situation.

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