Effective Workshops

Effective Workshops



If your work involves creativity, design, innovation or strategy, workshops will be a large part of what you do. You’ll need to get insights from users and clients, brainstorm with your team and regularly get together with colleagues for high-level discussions. This masterclass equips your team with the confidence and skills to boost the impact of the workshops they run. Your team will learn the best techniques for ideation and creative collaboration to generate better content and create more clarity, all while increasing their capacity for delivering outstanding work.

After this workshop your team will be able to:

• Create structured workshop activities and plans, from a range of tools and methods
• Design sessions that keep creativity flowing and participants engaged
• Facilitate great workshops that stay on track and encourage contributions from all participants and generate tangible outputs
• Deal with the common challenges that come up during workshops
• Explore workshop best practices and approaches for your specific
work and clients

What is covered

The day covers tools and techniques that your team can start using straight away, the knowledge and best practices that engage and motivate teams for creativity and innovation and practical methods for leading productive workshops:

• Introduction and group dynamics: how to encourage creativity and support collaboration in workshops
• Workshop design: setting goals and expectations, types of workshops, exercises and activities, structuring workshops
• Workshop facilitation: the role of the facilitator, skills and techniques, facilitation styles, troubleshooting
• Follow up and next steps: workshop outputs and maintaining momentum


This workshop is intended for:

This one-day masterclass is interactive and practical. It’s both for complete beginners and people who have some experience but want to refresh their skills.


What will you get out of this workshop:

Equip your team with the skills and confidence
to run highly effective workshops



Venue : TBA
When  Wednesday, Sep 19th, 09:30 – 17:30
Price : €220+ VAT 24%

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